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sometimes i blog about french musketeers, and sometimes i cry over idiot dwarf kings. sometimes i even write.

mostly, though, i like to stare at tom burke's face and pretend i don't have a problem


Kid!Bilbo and Kid!Thorin AU

….Actually he loves the flower beard.




It is time to unite, fellow Musketeers fans!

To tide us over during this long hiatus, we’re organizing a Big Bang for our small fandom! For those of you who don’t know, a Big Bang is a fandom exchange wherein new fic and art is produced and exchanged all for our favorite show and characters- and everyone is welcome to sign up!

Author and Artist signs up are open now! You can sign up at our tumblr, or at our LiveJournal Community

  • Fics must be at least 7,000 words!
  • Art can vary! Traditional illustrations are wonderful, but we also accept alternate media such as covers, gifsets, fanmixes, and fan vids.
  • Author rough drafts will be due on August 1st, so sign up now!

Check out our FAQ for a more detailed explanation of the fest!

Also, please signal boost this post! We’d love to get as many people signed up for this as possible, especially because we’re such a new and small fandom! Help us make this as awesome as possible!!! Follow our tumblr or watch our LJ community for updates as well! 


Hi friends this is a little reminder to charge your phone, take your meds, drink enough water, get enough sleep, and listen to lots of music!! Your well-being and happiness is of utmost importance and I hope you take time to take care of yourself.

putting this out there for now~

is anyone really into the hobbit fandom? and wouldn’t mind beta-ing (quickly and immediately tonight, gods, IM SORRY) a fic for me? im still working on it, and Im running errands as we speak, but i want to post tonight and i was wondering if anyone would be down :) 

I need something more than just simple nitpicking, though- i was hoping for opinions on story, characters, and general flow :3 

finally went to go see my psychiatrist! except she’s on medical leave, so I won’t actually see her (and get my meds) until 2 weeks from now :/ but im at my friend’s house and we’re gonna binge watch game of thrones so yay! 


"Leave the birds alone!"

Athos ‘so done with your shit Aramis’ face is the best…never gets old xD

I swear to every heaven ever imagined,
if I hear one more dead-eyed hipster
tell me that art is dead, I will personally summon Shakespeare
from the grave so he can tell them every reason
why he wishes he were born in a time where
he could have a damn Gmail account.
The day after I taught my mother
how to send pictures over Iphone she texted
me a blurry image of our cocker spaniel ten times in a row.
Don’t you dare try to tell me that that is not beautiful.
But whatever, go ahead and choose to stay in
your backwards-hoping-all-inclusive club
while the rest of us fall in love over Skype.
Send angry letters to state representatives,
as we record the years first sunrise so
we can remember what beginning feels like when
we are inches away from the trigger.
Lock yourself away in your Antoinette castle
while we eat cake and tweet to the whole universe that we did.
Hashtag you’re a pretentious asshole.
Van Gogh would have taken 20 selflies a day.
Sylvia Plath would have texted her lovers
nothing but heart eyed emojis when she ran out of words.
Andy Warhol would have had the worlds weirdest Vine account,
and we all would have checked it every morning while we
Snap Chat our coffee orders to the people
we wish were pressed against our lips instead of lattes.
This life is spilling over with 85 year olds
rewatching JFK’s assassination and
7 year olds teaching themselves guitar over Youtube videos.
Never again do I have to be afraid of forgetting
what my fathers voice sounds like.
No longer must we sneak into our families phonebook
to look up an eating disorder hotline for our best friend.
No more must I wonder what people in Australia sound like
or how grasshoppers procreate.
I will gleefully continue to take pictures of tulips
in public parks on my cellphone
and you will continue to scoff and that is okay.
But I hope, I pray, that one day you will realize how blessed
you are to be alive in a moment where you can google search
how to say I love you in 164 different languages.