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:^D pin up Tony with flustered Steve!

steve is charging his power for the event that will come next tones dont worry huehuehue

Exclusive first look at Guardians of the Galaxy. x


things get messy from there, but only in a personal sense. professionally, d’artagnan couldn’t be happier (even with the way things are still awkward with constance). he keeps finding his debts paid off, his salary is amazing, and he can finally afford to send his mom on vacation with his aunt for a week. 

so that’s all fine. 

what’s getting out of hand is this ridiculous crush he seems to have developed on athos. 

d’artagnan learned his lesson with constance; he should definitely stay away from colleagues, despite how breathtakingly beautiful they might be. so d’artagnan turns his gaze every time he focuses too much on the wrinkles around athos’ eyes, or the way the light catches the blue in his gaze, or the rigid line of his profile when he stands. 

it’s hard, but he tries. 

his hard work continuously ends up for nought, though, when athos keeps grabbing him. 

"where are we going now?” d’artagnan asks, and he’s not really protesting, but athos is gripping his wrist tight and dragging him along through the streets of paris, the heat wave making it so d’artagnan can see small beads of sweat along his neck. 

there’s only so much a man can bloody take

"you need a new phone," athos tells him, his gait nonstop. 

d’artagnan makes an unsure noise. “not that im complaining, but i’ve already got new clothes, new shoes, a new computer- are you sure the garrison is gonna be ok with this?”

athos shrugs and tells him the same thing he told him all the other times they went shopping; “it’s a work expense.”

d’artagnan goes along with it, unable to fight any longer. and once they’re at the apple store, he kind of can’t help himself either. 

everything’s just so pretty

"hi!" a pretty brunette sidles up to athos, smiling brightly, her bright blue apple shirt pristine. "anything i can help you with today?" 

before athos can answer, d’artagnan can’t help but squeal when he lifts the small ipad. “it’s like a mini computer! or a big phone, im not sure.”

the girl’s smile turns a bit strained, but athos gives him a fond look. “you should get a tablet, as well. they’re useful.” 

d’artagnan shakes his head, but athos is already speaking to the girl instead. “biggest memory, white. also, we’ll take a phone, too, same.”

the girl blinks for a moment, thrown. “same memory and color?”

athos nods and turns back to d’artagnan, brushing off his disapproving look. “I really don’t need it,” he argues, but cant help the way his eyes trail the sleek design of the tablet. 

athos drags him away. “don’t worry about it. now- pick a cover for both, i know how careless you can be.”

d’artagnan nudges him as he pouts; athos’ hand stays on his shoulder, though, and d’artagnan leans into it slightly, trying to be conspicuous. he doesn’t succeed given athos’ upturned lip, but he does get pulled closer, so there’s that. 

they’re at the checkout in minutes, a blue and orange cover each in hand (d’artagnan had forced athos to pick one cover- he’d been surprised by the soft orange shade, but athos had just shrugged, a bit red around the cheeks).

the same girl from before greets them at the desk. “find everything alright?” she asks, her chipper tone more sincere this time. she’s staring between them with a considering look, and d’artagnan starts at the realization that athos hasn’t once let go of him.

athos grunts, handing over his card without a word.

this time, the girl raises her eyebrows in surprise. “you’re a lucky guy,” she tells d’artagnan as she rings their purchases up, the total so high that d’artagnan has to look away for a moment. “my boyfriend whines about buying me chocolate on valentine’s day.”

blushing fiercely, he hasn’t even got time to deny it before athos herds him out the door, pushing the bags into d’artagnan’s arms. “are you hungry?” he asks, and d’artagnan is so thrown that he can only nod before athos pulls his own phone out. “there’s a few restaurants around here- does seafood sound ok?”

he nods absently again, noting athos’ hold on his wrist that doesn’t loosen, and the way he looks utterly pleased with himself. as if the girl’s words weren’t completely unwelcome.  

d’artagnan suddenly feels like he’s missed something important. 

one of my favorite things about game of thrones is how the effects of these wars- the fighting over that throne- is shown across the board. like, yeah, jaime lannister lost a hand and the starks are down to like 4 kids, but the regular people, dude. 

that end scene with arya was just the best. because the damage these people are doing to innocents is just ridiculous, and I love how the writers don’t gloss over that like they normally do in everything else.

I’m stuck in a parking lot waiting for my sister to start her baseball game BUT OMG GUESS WHAT

I got an artist for the hobbit Big Bang :3


Happy 36th Birthday JJ Feild April 1, 1978

so sorry ive been gone for like 4 days and have been totes MIA in regards to messages- i’ve mostly been freaking out because I wasn’t able to enroll in classes this quarter (and this literally just got resolved this morning D:) and I distracted myself with fic, BUT I SHOULD BE ONLINE MORE :D 

except, y’know. not today. because the hobbit big bang drafts are due today and mine’s not finished (I want to turn in a big chunk of it, but ahhhh, im being horrible and getting distracted by pride and prejudice musketeers au and yeah.

ALSO. someone asked me for a Davy gifset :D AND IT SHALL BE SUPER SHITTY, BUT IM TOTALLY GONNA DO IT. Tomorrow. When I have a mouse because my touchbad is fucked and it wont click haha.  


In which Darcy never learned how to pronounce ‘Mjolnir’, but really doesn’t give two shits.