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:^D pin up Tony with flustered Steve!

steve is charging his power for the event that will come next tones dont worry huehuehue

No man, for any considerable period, can wear one face to himself and another to the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true.



nobody does panic like chandler bing (source)

(i’m so sorry in advance but come on how could i NOT stevetony this)

So it’s breakfast in Avengers Tower, and everyone’s caught up in their own thing- Bruce is arguing halfheartedly with Tony about their latest potentially lethal science experiment, Natasha is sipping her tea with one of her feet over Clint’s lap, Thor is paying attention to no-one but his beloved cereal, and Steve is finishing up with his scrambled eggs.

Steve has to go into SHIELD, and he’s kind of rushed his way through breakfast, scarfing it down tiredly. He puts his dishes in the sink and says, “Okay, bye guys,” and gets several weary grunts in return.

He hasn’t had enough sleep, the coffee hasn’t hit his system yet, and he’s thinking about paperwork, so he’s on autopilot when he pads to Tony’s side, bends down and kisses him goodbye.

For a second it’s fine, it’s normal, they’ve kissed a hundred times over and Tony goes with it with a pleased hum before turning back to Bruce, who is staring, and then it hits him.

Steve is already freezing in place by the time Tony whirls around in his seat with almost comically wide eyes, and a glance around confirms that yes, everyone is indeed staring at them. Thor has his spoon halfway to his mouth, milk dripping back into the bowl as Steve’s brain goes into hyperdrive.

Steve thinks, shit, which he supposes is a sensible thing to think after you’ve just kissed the man who has been your secret boyfriend for the past three months.

Mostly out of the voice in his head chanting shitshitshit, he goes into parade rest.

Tony is still staring at him along with everyone else, and Steve has this moment of absurd calm through the panic as he straightens up. He’s fought Nazis. He’s decapitated vampires. He’s saved the world twelve times now.

Steve Rogers is a master tactician who, despite what people may think, can lie his way through things as good as the next guy. He can do this.

All eyes still on him, Steve bends again. “Bruce,” he says in the same tone he had said ‘bye’ before, and then kisses him full on the mouth, closing his eyes out of politeness. He thinks he hears a squeak from beside him, like Tony’s trying not to choke.

Steve doesn’t look at him lest he starts hyperventilating, and keeps a straight face that he usually associates with blind panic as he bends again to kiss Thor, who, unlike Bruce, actually kisses back. It’s okay, a bit too bristly for Steve’s taste.

"Good to have you back," Steve says as he pulls away.

Complete silence reigns as Steve makes his way around the table- “Clint,” another kiss to a face who obviously thinks this is a weird dream, and then Steve hesitates before saying, “Tasha,” and kissing her on the forehead, which he considers a very wise choice. The last thing he needs is to show up to work with three stab marks from where she shoved a knife into his hand.

"Always a pleasure," he intones before stepping back, nodding to them all, and leaving.

If it weren’t for his super hearing, he probably wouldn’t be able to hear Clint say, “Okay, what the FUCK,” when he makes it halfway down the hall.


damnvers asked: guardians of the galaxy or the avengers.


"If we can’t protect the earth, you can be damned well sure we’ll avenge it."


My C_IM Reverse Big Bang art. One of the writers post an amazing fic here, thanks for cluegirl, she make this beautiful story happened.

One of the things that’s attractive to me about the character is that she uses her feminine wiles as part of the job, but she doesn’t rely on sexuality or physical appeal to get the job done. (Johansson)

steve/tony fic recs


The Avengers were never real, only the product of a fevered delirium in a cave in Afghanistan. But some dreams are worth fighting for. Worth living for.

Steve likes to try new things. Tony isn’t good at saying no. XTube is a terrible fabulous invention.

Taking care of Tony isn’t as difficult as Steve initially thought. It’s a matter of learning his habits, mapping out his movements, and constructing individual plans on the fly.

Steve is definitely an ass man.

It was an overestimation of how many pills he’d needed to take, and, well, then he was bored, and of course boredom lead to drinking, so it was on no account a suicide attempt, at all.

The future is bright. And has ball-gags, apparently.

The glass case that holds Captain America’s uniform and shield is filled to the brim with what looks like a bright orange gelatin.

Steve wants to slow down how quickly Tony and he have sex. It’s a matter of stopping himself from giving over that will be the issue. But he’s always been good at strategy.

Tony had forgotten Steve knew yoga. He’s reminded, quite suddenly, of why that idea left him so bothered.

Clint and Tony meet. It’s bromance at first sight.

(with the side of clint/coulson! or was it clin/coulson with the side of steve/tony? oh well XD)

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