Graining on that wood;
nelly, 22, and forever a lover of all things geek

sometimes i blog about french musketeers, and sometimes i cry over idiot dwarf kings. sometimes i even write.

mostly, though, i like to stare at tom burke's face and pretend i don't have a problem

writing not!fic with sara 

and we get to a scene where chubby!d’artagnan is being fed by athos, and he’s being coy and teasing and fucking sara just goes

"he’s wanton for a wonton"


♥ Aww…
[Please hold for manga about a posh hipster superhero.]


♥ Aww…

[Please hold for manga about a posh hipster superhero.]


i end,

just as you begin to

read me.


thewinterqueenelsa replied to your post: i love how people always say sj blogge…

they also seem to think that ALL sj bloggers send death threats and hate. when actually a very small percentage of us do like oop there they go again, making generalizations lol. i doubt the people that actually send those messages are sj anyway


and the rhetoric surrounding the entire thing is so problematic; like, “you’re setting back equality by telling cis people to die!” and “bullying is bullying no matter who is doing it!” 


i understand that it might be shitty to get hate on your blog for being cis, and some people have to even delete their blogs (apparently the op of the post did)


do you not understand THAT THAT IS AS BAD AS IT GETS? I MEAN, REALLY

trans* people lose their jobs, are discriminated against, have hate crimes committed against them, lose contact with family and friends who are prejudiced against them, are KILLED, have real-life consequences thrown at them because of who they are

but oh no i got a mean message on tumblr 


the line of durin would not be so easily e n d e d